Drawing your Attention


Luminoso 2018 and Awesome 2017

Inspired by local colour, Alison interprets the shapes and decorations of buildings with their ubiquitous green shutters and the washing hanging from their windows to the dry stone walls and even the occasional Vespa. Nestling between these are small drawings made earlier this year in Liguria on the Italian Riviera, living between mountain and sea, surrounded by terraces of olive trees and the legendary Italian light.  Inspired by a book about Alexander Humboldt, called The Invention of Nature, Alison displays wildflowers, picked apart to determine their structure in order to capture in essence their colour and shape.

The Italian drawings are an immediate response to a specific environment at a particular time, albeit in a timeless setting, in contrast to those made following her 2017 American road trip. Documenting the places, people and politics that made an impact during the journey, from awe-inspiring scenery to

historical and political stories of the US, in some cases combining the two where the landscape and the events are inextricably linked.

'I was looking for what makes America ‘great’ and found a complex combination of the good, the bad and the ugly,' says Alison 'In both sets of drawings, despite their more obvious differences, they have in common my personal alphabet of relationship between colour and shape, which is my way of describing how I think and feel. Travel is the great excuse!'

Alison Meek has exhibited widely over the years in London venues; Haringey Arts Council Open Exhibitions, Crouch End Open Studios and more recently in the Brick Lane

Gallery and Lauderdale House, Highgate. Successful in on-line

exhibitions such as light, space, time art and the Artists’ Web, she has also worked in many personal collections, in London, the Middle East and Australia. In Sydney, Alison was a founding member of the Newtown Art Market and exhibited regularly at the Artist’s Eye and her colourful imagery was sold at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Alison studied Fine Art at St Martin’s School of Art followed by a BA at Hornsey College of Art. She later studied Art History at Sotheby’s in 2011 and subsequently taught a wide range of classroom and gallery-based courses as a member of the Association of Art Historians.



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