The Arthouse Studio is a new innovation designed to provide a platform and collaborative opportunities for young theatre and film makers to get together and create work that is important to them.

The Arthouse Studio is inviting teenagers of all ages to come on board and join our classes and workshops over the October half term holiday – to learn, create, explore & present ideas, produce and share original unique pieces of work in a big team of new and old friends.



Moving away from a more traditional understanding of how to teach drama and performing arts we are hoping to create a community of people who want to communicate and express themselves using a wide range of artistic genres and tools. We will work as a collaborative group led by art industry professionals and where participants are part of deciding what we want to learn, which in turn guides the direction of travel that our ideas & discoveries lead to.


Helping students to find confidence and a voice within the group and developing personal presentation skills forms the bedrock of our teaching at the Studio.

We are also determined that the ‘learning’ is student-led – where the teachers are there to provide a platform and create a space for the students to discover and make their own journeys and set out their own goals.

We will generally work as one big collaborative group and explore different storytelling techniques & media. Students will be given the opportunity to play with and explore new & different ways of storytelling and self-expression. As a group of individuals, we will create our own space and the opportunity to present, share and enjoy our various creative & artistic talents.


Throughout a series of workshops, we will look at the many options and various media/techniques and genres for storytelling.

Whilst every workshop is full of possibility, with no genre ‘off-limits’ and holding the potential to run off into different directions, guided by students, we will also have a structure and specific aim for each workshop or programme held. Each workshop will have a special Skill Focus and a Theme Focus. A skill focus is when we look at a particular medium or technique such as ‘Directing’ or ‘Writing’ or ‘Cinematography’. And a Theme Focus is when we look more towards a genre like ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Classic Theatre’ or ‘Comedy’ or ‘Street life’.


Throughout our programming we will aim to introduce many skills and themes which will include:

Live Performance, Film, Theatre, Presentation Skills, Directing, Script Writing, Producing, Cinematography, Photography, Sound-Scape Design, Image Projection, Stand up Comedy, Animation, Singing, Physical Movement, Mime, Lighting, Costume, Make-up, puppeteering, Rap, Music composition and Presentation.

Themes would include:

Fantasy, Dystopia, Old World, Classic Theatre, Shakespeare, Greek Action, Street life, Comedy, Crime, Fear, Hopes, Musical and many more. These are some of the themes that have been looked at so far but we would hope to have the input of our students to discover what themes interest them.

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