Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a British visual artist, living and working in London.

Having gained a first degree in Mathematics, he realised his passion for art was too great to ignore. He then completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at UCE, followed by a PGCE at Goldsmiths.

Michael taught as a full time art teacher before travelling Asia and training in oil painting. He returned to the UK, working as an art and photography teacher while studying a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Middlesex University. 

Photography was always a passion and mainly served to inform Michael’s painting. However, since developing a unique technique for creating abstracted photographs in-camera, he only paints with his lens. Painting now serves to inform his photography. 

Michael works solely as an artist now. He has exhibited widely across London, the UK and Europe.  He is represented by galleries in the UK and Italy.

Paul Berry


Berry’s work has developed over a long period of time and he has produced pieces that could be called paintings, prints, photographs, installations, performances, and constructions.

Recently, his work has has been going in the direction of increased complexity and reduced conceptualisation. Process is obviously still important and he acknowledges a “box” of approaches that he has developed using the potential inherent in the software programme that he uses together with the physical creation of its form.

Berry explores the potential of working in the digital and analogue worlds to create a new language for his practice and to discover something that would not be generated by the exclusive use of one or the other. This exploration not only affects the nature of the imagery but also the means of production. As well as manipulating and creating images on screen digitally, he also looks for ways of further developing the work through the processes available in  commercial printing together with autographic processes. 

The work on show is a result of this experimental approach and uses references to different aspects of his interests that are being brought together in a random way mixing up earlier work with more recent. The results are multilayered and open to interpretation but he is interested in the notion of an alchemical transformation where one thing loses its identity and assumes another. An image becomes an object, representation becomes abstract, the real becomes artifice. There is an attempt to play with perception and to reflect the complexity of making sense of the world.

Berry works in this way out of an interest in creating something that reflects the new technological period in which we live. He revels in the fact that artists have been given a new set of virtual tools and have access to a range of materials and processes that have been developed through the demands of other disciplines and can now be appropriated by artists. 

Elizabeth Brown MA ARPS

Elizabeth is a local photographic artist, she studied art at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology followed by Photography at De Montfort University, where she completed an MA in 2008.

She exhibits with the Royal Photographic Society, Crouch End Open Studios, the Espascio Gallery, the ‘Mixed Bag Collective and is an artist in residence at Space 36 during the Crouch End Festival. She has work in collections in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France and Norway

This work is part of a series of images on the spice Turmeric, in these three

Turmeric is mixed with water to purify a new Hindi home.

Andy Metcalf

Andy Metcalf was a member of radical film makers the Newsreel Collective. He also made programmes for BBC and Channel 4 before studying for a BA in Fine Art at UEL. In the last year Andy has exhibited with Crouch End Open Studios, and at the Espacio Gallery. In the summer he contributed to the show organised by Degrees of Freedom : The Republic of Brexitopia.

For Crouch End Studios 2018, Andy has returned to landscapes and from drawings of field patterns outside Bologna. Made a series of canvases using oils. He is also showing a larger scale study on paper for the Fontanalice series. Andy is also shooting this summer a short video showcasing the Space 36 Project.

He is one of the organising artists in the Boyhood Project.

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