PAUL BERRY - In memory of a great artist and friend

Berry's work entails paintings, prints, photographs, installations, performances, and constructions.

As a conceptual artist, the work generally starts with an idea which is developed using the most appropriate medium and process while embracing new technology and alternative means of production which in turn influence his creative thinking.

Excited by experimentation and exploration, the result of this experimental approach brings together a random collision of Berry's earlier work with current explorations. These multilayered results follow Berry's interest in the notion of an alchemical transformation where one thing loses it's identity and assumes another. An image becomes an object, representation becomes abstract or vice versa. There is an attempt to play with our perception and to reflect the complexity of making sense of the world within us and without. 


Elizabeth Brown is a London based artist who uses photography as her primary medium. She often works collaboratively, interacting with her subjects to create images and sometimes uses text as part of this work. She studied art at Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology (Anglia Ruskin University) and photography at De Montfort University completing an MA in 2008.

In this exhibition she will be showing some of her work with plants using Photo Etching and photographs from a series based on Earth Colours.



I have the eye of a photographer and the heart of a painter. My work seeks to bring together these passions to create unpredictable, painterly images in digital film. All of my photographs are created on-site and in-camera. I work against the proper use of the camera’s technical functions, instead, using it in a manner that was never intended when it was created. It is then crucial to me that the resulting images are neither re-worked nor arrived at through software manipulation in post-production. They are images of chance which portray as much about the insides of the camera’s workings as they do about the observed scenery.




I have been working for some time on a long wall open collage around the theme of Archaeology, inspired by actual archaeological discoveries; and also by the diverse ways archaeology is used as a metaphor for inquiry, excavation, uncovering layers of hidden memories, traumas.

The work is both of the present – using my 35mm black and white photographs from 2018 as well as derivatives of drawings from the extra ordinary dig at Gobekli Tepe in Southern Turkey, part of the

Fertile Crescent where human beings first started to build permanent settlements.

I am showing in the Ply Gallery the third iteration of this project and I expect there to be one or two more.

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