DISPLAY is an exhibition that brings together seven artists from various disciplines using mixed media. As well as offering an exhibition of artwork in the traditional fields of painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking, the show focuses on process and play in a very physical sense. This 
is achieved through a shared appreciation of techniques that incorporate text, imagery, subject matter and materials from a wider shifting society and the artists’ lives. These sometimes overlapping methodologies and interests reflect a will to interpret and intervene and are shared by these artists with diverse interests and backgrounds.

Zoë Howe, writer / musician / artist, presents off-beat celebrations / satirisations of feminine symbolism, fetishes and fantasies. Zoë specialises in mixed media collage and uses surrealist devices and games in her work. She is inspired by Dada, magic and nature religions, dreams, rock ’n’ roll, nostalgia and the heavens, and her collages often have a humorous bent. Zoë has previously exhibited at White Conduit Projects (as part of the acclaimed group show ‘Violet Beauregarde’s Gum’, curated by Piney Gir and Alice Straker), the Leigh Art Trail 2016 and 2017, Annabel Dee gallery, the Estuary Fringe and as part of Metal Culture's Flux exhibition on Southend Pier alongside artists such as Billy Childish amongst others. Zoë also plays drums and writes books about rock ’n’ roll (including Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits, Barbed Wire Kisses - The Jesus and Mary Chain Story and debut novel Shine On, Marquee Moon), but not at the same time.



Tom Hogan’s practice has focused on drawing since he moved back to his native London three years ago. Employing an intuitive and playful approach, he attempts to accentuate both economy of line and speed or rhythm of mark making. These characteristics have been further developed through running his own creative workshops and experimenting with non-traditional materials, such as modeling and galvanized wire. The sculptures in this exhibition originated from immediate and responsive sketchbook drawings. Tom has exhibited widely and been awarded residencies in the UK and overseas.



Simon Kirk combines painting, collage and decollage (cutting or sanding away the built up surface to reveal layers below). He freely associates cut up text and images to create a self contained scenario with its own reality. He is a big fan of haiku and the gentle playfulness that helps us view everyday life with fresh eyes. Since beginning his career in 2007, works by Simon Kirk have proved a great investment and are increasingly sought after by art collectors, notably in America, Dubai and Continental Europe. He exhibited and sold at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010, 2013 and 2015. He is a resident artist with the Turner | Barnes | Gallery and his work is regularly exhibited as part of their collections for the Hong Kong, Singapore and London Affordable Art Fairs. He has had solo exhibitions in France, Denmark and the USA.



Laura Keeble is a British artist. She uses interventionist and subversive strategies to create pauses in perception and question societal norms. “Unfunded and unsanctioned, Laura Keeble’s work is a grass roots action of sorts; it is an art that invites civic participation and a perhaps even a little harmless disobedience.” Keeble currently lives and works in Southend On Sea.


Karen Christensen recently exhibited in 'Sculpture Street', a public art group exhibition as part of the annual Leigh Art Trail in Leigh-on- Sea. The piece was called 'Goddess', a homage to the Mexican painter Frieda Kahlo. The pieces in this exhibition build on her inspiration from Mexican art. Karen is a contemporary artist based in Leigh-on- Sea, Essex, UK. She has twice exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art, London (including this year); locally in Essex Open Exhibitions, as well as several exhibitions in her home country Denmark.



Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissis work explores the mix of various mediums and materials and layering them becomes a focus and part of the concept. Sometimes she uses prints originating from woodcuts carved over 30 years ago by her late mother Seija Guttormsen, who was also an artist. Her art works are created through multiple layers using paper collage, photographs, digital drawings and clear film. Selected Exhibitions include Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2014) and Hide and Seek, Highgate Contemporary Art (solo), 2011.



Patxa Ibarz Gil studied Fine Arts in Madrid, specialising in Sculpture. In 2008 Patxa, alongside another artist Alba Odeh, was commissioned to design a public monument in Valencia, Spain. Through her work she has developed a personal view on how we are made up of our own memories and experiences and how these form who we are. Patxa’s work is directly related with space – interior and exterior, presence and absence with the attempt to create a place for emotions and re ection. Influenced by living in a metropolis she seeks to represent the hidden intimacy of the individual within urban environments. The last exhibitions where she participated were ̈As Ithers see us ̈ in Robert Burns Museum, Ayr, Scot- land, summer 2014, “Home, soil and memory” in Idea Store Whitechapel, London, January 2015 and “Silence” Lights of Soho Gallery.


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