colour + emotion


Joy is driven by her desire to understand people, relationships and emotion which has informed her creative work.  

The paintings in ‘colour + emotion’ function as metaphors for different emotional states, for journeys both real and imagined -for people and places.  Artistic inspiration is propelled by the viewers’ emotional response to colour and also what lies beneath the surface, the parts of our story that remain

untold - which Joy successfully reinterprets using various techniques which layer, obscure and reveal to create texture and interest, reflecting these ideas.  

Her use of strong bold colours has been influenced by her travels, particularly India, Nepal, SE Asia and Africa.

By using layers, texture and strong colours to translate her emotional landscape onto canvas, her aim is to produce something that feels both organic and authentic.  She continues to experiment with non-traditional application of paint – hands, household objects, found objects, paper, cardboard, fabric – to create interesting textures and unusual effects and her spontaneity applying colour gives an intuitive feel to her paintings allowing total freedom of expression.  Her favoured medium of acrylics highlights this highly individual organic process, as their quick drying nature aids this impulsive method of painting, allowing layers to be added in quick succession.



Joy lives and works in London, but has travelled extensively. Her use of strong bold colours has been influenced by her travels, and more particularly in India, Nepal, Asia and Africa.

Joy began her creative journey many years ago, initially working in clay, handbuilding large pots and figurative sculptures. She also worked in stone, creating abstract forms and stylised female (figurative) sculptures.

During this period Joy became interested in painting attending evening classes at the City Lit London. 40 marked a turning point for Joy when she embarked on an art foundation course at the City Lit and fell firmly in love with painting, having success at

her final show where she sold both paintings exhibited.

Continuing to paint, Joy soon after had joint exhibition with a

photographer, where she sold the majority of the work she exhibited and has since shown her work in a number of group shows, including the New Artist Fair in Brick Lane in September 2018. Joy has also sold a number of works to private collectors both here and abroad.


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