Kevin Gavaghan is an artist living in North London. Working predominately with oil paints, he produces images that reference his life growing up in Finsbury Park & Enfield from the 1970s in a large Irish family, whilst coping with the complexity of life with Tourettes and Anxiety. 
His work largely reflects thoughts, dreams and emotions he has felt about his life and his position within the world as the son of Irish migrants. Touching on subjects such as the struggle of growing up with Tourettes and anxiety - he also explores religion and politics within the Irish community, relationships and the loss of loved ones.

Kevin works from his Studio in Hertford where he paints organically allowing his images to grow from the subconscious, building on and reflecting his own unstructured growth in life. His images continue to develop throughout the process often changing their personality many times before settling on what he believes is a reflection of a truth within his thoughts.


'An Anxious Mind' is a collection of life and portrait paintings by Kevin Gavaghan. A reflection of thoughts translated into images on how anxiety and Tourette's has impacted on Kevins view of life. He questions why negative judgements are made on first impressions rather than looking for positive connections and what people have in common. Digging a little deeper into one's life and thoughts, Kevin believes we will find people are are a lot more similar than we first thought - even amongst those with hugely varying beliefs.


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