IMAFOUNDATION.COM  is a London based

organisation which has been working for over 10 years

to identify and develop international artistic talent,

particularly from the Indian subcontinent. The focus for

the founder Radha Binod Sharma and the Director Rani

Bains has been to identify, develop and promote artistic

talent through a close collaboration and creative

partnership with artists, educators and patrons of art.

The current exhibition KNOWING is a showcase of 21

selected artists who offer a range of styles and

mediums. The theme of KNOWING  connects to the

need to enhance sensory experience in the world where

the demands and struggles of daily life have resulted in

unprecedented levels of stress. An overly reactive state

of existence where people are inundated with demands

leads to a general degeneration in power, vitality and

sensory appreciation. KNOWING points to  the need to

draw back from this web of distress and quiet despair in

order to consolidate and source energy from within. Our

human sensibility or intuitive understanding is a vital

thread which helps to return us back to our original

essence and helps to define the truth of who we are and

what we really need in our lives. KNOWING therefore

connects to the sensing/feeling dimensions in each

human which serves as emotional fuel  to help empower

and recuperate our inner vitality.

For artists to succeed they have to engage with the

inspired elements in their own make up. This means

they have to shift their sensibility inwards and draw on

important resources from within. KNOWING in this

sense refers to the memory derived from past

experiences and sensory perception which leave deep

heartfelt tracks carrying the essential truths  and

beacons of knowledge for each individual. This

understanding helps us to connect with important and

defining experiences which help us navigate the sea of


This theme was recently presented at UNESCO’s World

Humanities Conference ( in Liege Belgium in August,

2017) as an important shift to understand and apply to

support human flourishing.

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