Steve Buller is a local artist, living and working in Enfield.  

  He studied Fine Art B.A. at Manchester School of Art and his Post graduate at University of East London. 


Whilst his main artistic practice focuses on fine art painting, Buller also experiments with other mediums such as sculpture and photography and has exhibited within various solo and group shows in London, Birmingham and Manchester.


Artistically drawn towards various subject matters as a starting point for his painting, Buller's favoured style tends to return to Landscape, in combination with complimentary abstract work at times also.


'Air Show' exhibition explores his interest in aviation, where he

combines aspects of aircraft design and form - developing 

various compositions of tone ,colour and contrasts while playing with abstractions within these boundaries. 


The compositions can seem chaotic, others more organised, but all float in their own space replicating and echoing their original inspiration.


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