Tina Leslie

“ You've got to look back to know where you're going”

Stuart Henry

In 2003 Tina Leslie made a transition, having had an emphasis on ceramics for over 20 years, to painting.

Also a qualified Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, Leslie is interested in the nature of the psyche and the symbolic process which has also inspired previous paintings.

There is a nakedness and unveiling in the revelation of the creative process which perhaps allows a glimpse of something ancient, archetypal, transcendent and true.

This post-modern impressionist series is inspired by the relationship between the urban and the natural worlds. It seeks to convey the beauty in the anonymity of the city whilst also inventing deeply personal representations of patterns in nature and the rhythms in a city, how different mark making approaches create impressions and emotions.

This exhibition introduces new abstracted paintings that transcend language, inviting the audience into the musicality of mark making to form these abstract(ed) Scapes.

The artist welcomes the viewer into the landscape of the painting to discover for themselves their own journey through the corners, edges, and crevices of their unique experience of texture, colour, shape and form. Time spent in Greece has also inspired a range of surfaces and colours.

Within the sculptural presences the architecture of the imagination enjoys the play and the rhythm reminiscent of clay surfaces and Leslie's enjoyment of paint, mood and the beat of the moment.


Leslie is interested in the development of consciousness and the role that both Art and Psychotherapy can play in awakening, reflecting and dreaming the dream on.

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